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As you follow current technology trend, you might be aware that Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are now among the most cutting edge technologies of our generation. The majority of global companies are adopting VR, AR, startups, and biggies alike.

With VR & AR, you can transport people to different environments and even augment an existing environment with new and useful information. VR & AR offers an extremely immersive experience for the user by keeping him at the center of everything and projecting the environment around him in a 3D-360 format. Be it 360 factory tours, 3D Games, treating patients, or having interactive sessions with your students, there is no limitation to what you can do with VR & AR Apps.



Virtual Reality, one of the breakthrough developments in technology, has brought about a revolution in the gaming industry and has picked up momentum in every corner of the world taking in its fold the interest of every generation. VR provides a commendable gaming experience because of which there has been a surge in the demand for VR games.

Web & Mobile Studio, a pioneer in VR gaming, provides you with the best in class and most updated version of VR games along with its game development services. Our experts bring the virtual world to reality by providing the best solutions related to VR straight from the concept stage to the final deployment. We adapt to the newer trends and offer the most advanced solutions to our clients.

With more standalone devices and smartphones offering dedicated support for augmented reality, the market for AR apps is set to grow by leaps and bounds. Being one of the tops Augmented Reality App Development Companies in the industry, Web & Mobile Studio provides AR app design and development solutions for interactive applications in a variety of sectors including entertainment, manufacturing, and retail.

Apart from augmented reality-based mobile app development using the latest platforms including ARCore & ARKit, we also use AR technology to build enterprise-level solutions that solve industry-specific problems. With heightened content delivery, AR applications take your everyday experiences to a whole new level by giving a digitally enhanced view of the real world. They bring the world around you come to life.


We are a reliable web design and website Development Company in Canada that can handle any kind of web design and development demand competently right from the start till the end. We stand by our clients even after delivering the orders through a network of dependable after-sales services. You can get in touch with us anytime if you are not satisfied with the design or want some changes to be made to it for a better impact. Our courteous team will be more than happy to assist you!

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Web & Mobile Studio was responsive, friendly, and educated about what we needed for our client and how to make it happen. They provided constant support for projects during non-working hours too, which I found very dedicated.

Addrenaline Media
Vice President

Aby is easy to work with, and very responsive to requests. Team performed amazing work on given projects. Communication was very good and delivery was on time. Great Professionalism and great experience with stuffs.!- thanks Aby!

The MADE Agency
Art Director

I have worked with Aby and his team to program multiple websites, and they have been a responsive and extremely easy to work with. We will 100% use them again on future projects and I look forward to collaborating with Aby soon.

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